Tour La Hacienda Park Standard



Short description

Experience La Hacienda Park! 7 activities for the price of 1: Rev up your adrenaline on a thrilling buggy ride, enjoy a fascinating horseback adventure, cool off with a refreshing river bath, and embark on an immersive cultural safari. Take in breathtaking views from the chairlift, glide over 2 kilometers of exhilarating zipline, and end with an adrenaline-pumping Quick Jump. Indulge in an authentic 100% Dominican buffet, savoring the delicious flavors. Live the ultimate adventure at La Hacienda Park!

What's included

What will your day be like at La Hacienda Park?

  • We kick off with a pick-up at your hotel and head towards the park. Don’t forget to bring all the essentials to stay comfortable and relaxed.
  • Once at the park, you’ll need to check in, where we’ll provide you with safety equipment and a wristband to identify your group. Then, the guides will divide us into groups to enjoy the various adventure activities.
  • First, we hop on the buggies and venture through the Anamuya mountains, tackling steep inclines and muddy zones. Fun is guaranteed on this closed and secure circuit.
  • Driving the buggies, we arrive at the Cultural Safari. Here, we’ll embark on a fascinating tour of the village, exploring colorful typical houses and encountering charming and amusing farm animals. Additionally, we’ll indulge our senses with tastings of Mamajuana, freshly brewed coffee, and chocolate. It’s an authentic experience full of local traditions.
  • Next, we’ll enjoy an exciting horseback ride through the Anamuya mountains, riding one of our Criollo horses, accompanied by our expert guides. No prior experience is necessary as our horses are docile and easy to handle.
  • Continuing with the river activity, we’ll take a ride in a military truck through the coffee and sugarcane plantations, eventually reaching the Anamuya River. Here, we can enjoy a refreshing swim in its crystal-clear waters and relax amidst a peaceful landscape.
  • Then, we’ll board the chairlift, enjoying the panoramic view as we ascend to an altitude of up to 200 meters. This will take us to the starting point of the zip lines, where we’ll unleash our adrenaline, gliding over 2 kilometres through the Anamuya jungle.
  • After the zip line, it’s time to jump on the Quick Jump. From an elevated platform at 20 meters, we’ll take a leap into controlled free fall, experiencing a unique thrill.
  • Finally, we’ll indulge in a well-deserved buffet lunch featuring typical Dominican products, such as auyama cream, sancocho, stew, rice pudding, and more.
  • With hearts full of emotions and memories, we bid farewell to La Hacienda Park and begin our return to Punta Cana.
  • The estimated arrival back at the hotel is approximately 6 to 8 hours after the pick-up.

Remember, the order of activities may vary depending on their availability. See you soon!